Board of Directors

Our 2018/2019 Directors

Albert Rager

Nicholas Cotter

Charlotte Katz

Kevin Bolivar

Lyz Karschner

Paula Schreck

Dee Marino-Bowman

Chris Binney

Karen Walker

Carol Ann Sutherland

Greggory Allen


OPI Executive committee

Pictured from left to right

Lyz Karschner (Sergeant at Arms) -

Charlotte Katz (Vice President) -

Albert Rager (President) - Albert L. Rager was born in New Smyrna beach and raised in Ocala, Florida.  He worked as a bartender in just about every gay bar in Marion County.  Albert has gained a reputation for being an all around handyman.  In his spare time. Albert loves to cook and fish.  He has been married to Caleb Velez-Rager for 4 years.  Albert has served as president of OPI since November 2016.

Dee Marino-Bowman (Secretary) -

Paula Schreck (Treasurer) -

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A more detailed look at the responsibilities of our Board of Directors and our Executive Officers, as well as other matters related to our organization, may be found in OPI's By-laws

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OPI Officers

Greggory Allen (Entertainment Director)


Kevin Bolivar (Communications Director)


Karen Walker (Fundraising Director)


Membership Director (Vacant)


Assists with building and keeping track of OPI Membership as well as expanding membership benefits.  Plans events in conjunction with the other directors and with the approval of the executive committee.

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About Us

Our Mission

Ocala Pride Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and well-being of the Ocala LGBT community.  To that end, we organize fundraisers and community events to help those in need and bring us together.

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Our History

From our tumultuous beginning with the Stone Wall riots in the late 1960's to the establishment of Ocala's own Pride organization in the 2000's, the story of LGBT pride is full and rich, and we are all part of that story.

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An Event for Every Occasion

Ocala Pride Inc. hosts many events throughout the year for the benefit and enrichment of the community.  Take a look at what we have in store for 2018!

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