Mr. and Miss Ocala Pride Pageant

The Pageant


The Mr. and Miss Ocala Pride Pageant is an annual event the brings together the finest talents and performers that the LGBT community in Marion County has to offer.  Each participant competes for the crown and sash of either Mr. or Miss Ocala Pride.  The winners represent the Ocala Pride LGBT community for a full year until the next pageant.  Interested in participating?  Download and read both the "2018 Ocala Pride Pageant Participant Agreement" and the "2018 Ocala Pride Pageant Winners Agreement" below for details.  Then click on "Pageant Application" and fill out and submit your form to become a participant.  Lastly, 

Pageant Application

Mr. Ocala Pride 2018-2019


LaVision DeJure Ross

Miss Ocala Pride 2018-2019


Porsha St. James Ross

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